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ComfiLux Lumbar Support Cushion For Office Chair & Car Seat

ComfiLux Lumbar Support Cushion For Office Chair & Car Seat

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Lumbar Support Cushion

Sit back and rest on the lumbar support cushion for your office chair and car seat. Turn your office chair into an ergonomic chair to provide complete back support & seat rests. ComfiLux's back support pillow range is orthopedically designed to provide correct posture and reduce back pain. Look through our premium quality range to complete back pain relief solutions.

Back & Lumbar Support Cushions Package Includes:

1 x Lumbar Support Cushion (With Hand Bag)

  • Recommended Lumbar Pillow by Health Professional for Lower Back Pain Relief – This lumbar support car cushion is recommended by chiropractors for posture support and lower back pain relief
  • Premium Ergonomic Designed Cushion - ComfiLux high-density Tempur-styled cushions provide better quality and durability with solid and heavier memory foam; an extra layer of Gel makes it ergohuman with heat-responsive design and provides extra support at the main pressure points by perfectly molding to the contours of your legs and bottom; it keeps its shape after extensive use and provides continued, support throughout the day; we don't compromise on quality by avoiding cheap material.
  • Non-slip Back With Dual Straps - Washable non-slip outer cover, inner cover that saves cushion from dirt makes its life longer and comfy; the soft and washable cover is suitable for most types of seating and makes it super comfortable. Perfect for any chair in the home, dining chair, kitchen chair, patio chair, office chair, living room chair, car seat, sporting events, stadium seat, movie and more. Small enough to fit in the carry-on luggage for airplane travel comfort too.
  • Support Where You Need It - ComfiLux GEL padded cushion support and comforts lower back and shoulder, butt, orthopedic, bum, hip, coccyx, sciatic nerve pain, sciatica, bursitis, piriformis syndrome, herniated disc, hemorrhoid, hemorrhoids, bbl massage and lumbar support; the cushion is firm enough to keep your tailbone at an elevation raised from the seat to alleviate coccyx pain; the medical advantage of enhancing the height in cars or where required. Helps improve posture.
  • Give a Gift Of Comfort & Ease - Love Home memory foam lumbar support back cushion is a great gift idea for your loved ones, especially adults. It comes in a boxed packing, making it a perfect gift idea that brings a smile to your loved one’s face; Great accessory for men and women is suitable for working from home and interior. extreme everlasting comfort and elegant collections of royal rest. Good accessory at hand form.


Material: German BASF memory foam
Size: 33 x 33 x 10 cm (approx.)
Available In: Black 3D Breathable fine Mesh
Memory foam is known as a custom-contouring material, it responds to heat and body temperature. That's why your cushion may feel firm, then soften with your body heat. ComfiLux cushions are formulated to give you wedge support for prolonged sitting.


Our cushion supports the following comfy experience and support anywhere it is used

  • Extending sitting on a computer desk or in the office chair
  • Long flights with uncomfortable airplane seats supportive
  • Sitting in a stadium
  • Long commute & driving - driver accessories for automotive
  • Wheelchair Pad
  • Prolonged sitting, whether you are in the office or traveling
  • Pregnancy & spinal support
  • Coccyx injury
  • Relieve Tailbone pressure
  • Posture corrector
  • Work-from-home essentials
  • Use for dining chairs

Use on furniture, bench, gaming, Papasan, rocking chairs, and sofas for enhanced ergonomic support. Available in office and home merchandise and wide enough for a standard size. Japanese-styled cushion.
NOTE: Use a protective cover when using leather chairs/sofas as the anti-skid dots might leave an imprint on the leather and might wear the leather surface out after a while.

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