Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard Pad

Are you tired of experiencing hand and wrist pain after long hours of work or gaming? The Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard Pad with Wrist Support are the solution to your discomfort. This product offers both a mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest that support your wrists, hands, and fingers to reduce pain, fatigue, and carpal tunnel flare-ups while working.

Crafted with premium memory foam, this ergonomic mouse and keyboard pad with wrist rest provides a soft yet supportive base for your wrists to rest on while navigating your computer. Its curved design fits perfectly to the natural shape of your wrists, and it can be rotated to accommodate both right and left-handers.

Say goodbye to hand and wrist pain and enjoy your computer time in pain-free comfort with the Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support.

  • Premium Memory Foam Support: Slow-rebounding foam offers superior wrist comfort for the mouse and keyboard, bouncing back to shape when not in use
  • Ergonomic Design for Wrist Alignment: Curved mouse and keyboard pads with indents help maintain proper posture and wrist support
  • Pinpoint Mouse Accuracy: High-thread-count surface enables fluid mouse motion for precise tracking
  • Non-Slip Bottom for Stability: Stay-put design ensures pads won’t move during heavy use
  • Reduce Wrist Stress: Elevated design helps alleviate wrist strain and fatigue caused by flat desk surfaces
  • Fits All Users: Raised design accommodates both right and left-handers with a rotating keyboard wrist rest
  • Universally Compatible: Compatible with all mouse and keyboard sizes, perfect for home, school, and office use


Material:Memory foam

Keyboard: 43.5 cm
Mouse: 25 cm

  • Non-Slip Base
Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 45 × 37 × 9 cm