Lower Back Pain & Why Do I Care? 

It’s important to understand the anatomy of the spine before we discuss what is lower back pain and how to fix it. A human has 24 vertebrae that are divided up into 3 sections.

Section 1 – 7 Cervical Vertebrae at the top of the spine
Section 2 – 12 Thoracic Vertebrae in the middle of the spine
Section 3 – 5 Lumbar Vertebrae in the lower end of the spine 

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Coccyx is a small triangular bone located at the bottom of the spine. It is composed of three smaller segments of bone. The coccyx is attached to your sacrum, a large bone that sits just below the last lumbar vertebra.

It’s common to have inflamed coccyx that becomes painful over time. There are multiple reasons for inflamed coccyx like prolonged sitting, wrong posture, injury, genetics etc and it’s generally known as lower back pain or LBS in short.


Temporary back pain is a common occurrence from time to time especially sleeping in a bad position, or lifting something heavy. 


But chronic or long-term back pain can impact our lives in many ways. It affects our social, physical and work life and ultimately leads to anxiety or depression, as well as damage the relationships in our life.


Why is Posture Important?

Research has shown posture can have a huge impact on our back health. Our backs have natural curves and alignments. We put a strain on the bones, muscles, and tissues in the back while sitting in meetings, in front of the computer, watching television, driving the car, and eating. 

Slouching, or hunching over pulls our back out of its normal healthy curvature and thus strains our back. Over time it begins to ache, and our muscles weaken if we don’t correct our posture. Ultimately, it becomes difficult to realign our back to its original position. 


So What Is The Solution?

A specially designed seat cushion can help maintain the natural posture. Hip alignment plays an important role in the back alignment. Natural spine posture can be achieved with a slight hip tilt forward.

For sore or inflamed coccyx, using a normal seat cushion will only aggravate the pain by putting pressure on it. Sitting every day on those cushions won’t let you heal your coccyx, and you may find yourself compensating for that pain with poor posture. 

An ergonomically designed seat cushion can drastically reduce the strain on our coccyx. It is called a Coccyx Cushion.

How Can Coccyx Cushion Help?

Coccyx cushion gives your tailbone time to heal and also prevents further injuries by removing pressure from the base of your spine.

Coccyx cushions are carefully designed with the cut-out of the back where the tailbone will sit to provide support for the hips and spine while releasing direct pressure from our coccyx. 

Note: It is important to note some cheap cushions are advertised themselves as Coccyx Cushion but instead of providing the right support, they harm your back. 

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Coccyx Cushion Benefit & Usage

How to Use Coccyx Cushion Properly?

It’s important to use the Coccyx cushion properly to gain the proper benefits. 

Avoid using a coccyx cushion along with another seat cushion, as this can throw off the balance of the cushion. 


How To Use It

  • Remove any other pillows underneath before placing the Coccyx Cushion
  • Recommended using a coccyx cushion on a chair with good back support  
  • Recommended using on the and stable flat surface so that the body weight is evenly distributed
  • Coccyx cushion raises you a few additional inches off the ground, so use a footrest if needed to keep your knees at a comfortable, ninety-degree angle
Lower Back Pain

Do I Need A Coccyx Cushion

At Home

Apart from work, we spend most of our leisure time at home, especially during and after the pandemic. Consider buying a Coccyx pillow for your home, too. Most couches in our home are soft, but it’s likely not doing you any favours, especially if you’re trying to recover from a tailbone injury.

Turn your ordinary office, or dining chair into an ergonomic chair by putting lumbar support and a Coccyx cushion. 

 At Work?

Based on the pie, we spend one-third of our life at work, so it is important to take care of your spine and posture while working with a Coccyx cushion. Lumbar support is equally important on the desk chair. If your desk chair does not provide lumbar support, consider buying a lumbar support pillow to keep your back in its natural, healthy curves.

Buy a portable Coccyx Cushion that does not attach to the chair so you can take it with you where ever you need it most like during long office meetings.

In the Car

A Coccyx cushion is your great companion while driving to work or leisure drives, especially for a long commute. A car seat isn’t necessarily built for maximum ergonomic comfort, and standard seats do nothing to alleviate pressure on your tailbone. 

Remember, the Coccyx cushion will give you a little added height, so you may need to adjust your seat accordingly to have a proper driving experience. Coccyx cushion can be used as a seat riser.